DuckCreek’s Red Hot Rookie of the Year



When I flew into Flint, MI to pick up my dilute-factored fox red pup, I was a little a little surprised that he was such a light fox red.  Ann assured me he would darken up and she was right! Rookie has beautiful conformation, a nice blocky head, and eyes that look right to the depths of your heart and soul. A good listener, fast learner, and loves retrieving, water or land. It’s fun to watch him work a field with his nose. A very happy boy! He is a solid 80 pounds.  You can see his genetic profile by clicking onto the medallian above.  To review his Pedigree & Preliminary OFA Report, click here.  Rookie will be two years old in March. We will get his permanent OFA at that time.

We ended up stranded in Flint, MI for two days due to heavy wind and rains that shut down the airport in Chicago. It was good bonding time!

Enjoying a run in the field. 

Posing for the camera. He’s a looker for sure!