Meet Gunner.  This handsome fellow is our dilute chocolate stud here at DuckCreek.  Gunner weighs in at 80 pounds and is a gentle guy.  He loves retrieving, water or land, has a soft mouth and will retrieve to hand…as long as he’s not in competition with the other dogs!   See his pedigree.  His OFA’s are good (hips) and normal (elbows).  See Gunner’s OFA’s.  We do all our genetic testing through Paw Print Genetics.  You can view Gunner’s Genetic Profile by clicking on the medallian aboveTrait/Coat Color Genotype: BbbbddEeKbKb

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Gunner anticipating a bumper.

Gunner, the Goof Ball, x 2!

Mr. Stud Muffin

Liking those kisses from his ladies!