Safety Guidelines


Your safety is of the utmost importance at DuckCreek.  We have adopted the following set of safety rules for the shotgun sport of Trapshooting.  These rules are for the safety and benefit of you, our spectators, and the club.

Shooters or Spectators who violate these guidelines risk being banned from returning to the club.

All management decisions are final.

  • Hold HarmlessAll shooters and spectators will be required to sign a waiver to hold harmless “Releasees” as described in the general release.
  • Eye ProtectionRequired by everyone on the shooting field.
  • Hearing ProtectionRequested of all shooters. Although this protection is not required for spectators, it is strongly encouraged.
  • Loading GunDo not load gun until it is your turn to shoot.
  • Number of Shells Never load more shells than needed for that target presentation. Trap singles – 1 shell, Trap doubles – 2 shells.
  • Target Loads OnlyAlways use target loads, shot sizes 7½, 8, 8½, or 9 shot. Larger than 7½ is not permitted.  If you are in question about load, please ask the management.
  • Pointed Down Range Always keep the muzzle of your gun down range.
  • Action Open Always carry gun with action open.
  • Do not leave firearms unattended Firearms not in use must have the action opened, be cleared, and/or the must be cased. The club is not responsible for any loss due to unattended firearms.
  • Person down rangeNo firearms shall be loaded on the line(s) while persons are downrange. An orange flag on the trap house indicates it is unsafe to fire and/or someone is downrange.
  • Practice swings from behind any station are not allowed.
  • No pets allowed. In addition to the Gun Club, we have an active kennel.  Because of our health guidelines, no additional animals are allowed on premises without prior permission.
  • Illegal firearms or illegal destructive devices are strictly forbidden on the premises. All Federal, State and Local Laws must be obeyed.
  • The use of (or shooting under the influence of) alcohol or illicit drugs is prohibited.