And then there was one…

DuckCreek's newest addition


The highly anticipated litter has arrived!  Unfortunately, it took a turn for the worse.  We had Tula in earlier this week for x-rays only to discover she was carrying a whopping two puppies.  That in itself was a bit disheartening but we were still excited at the prospect of puppies for Christmas.

Tula went into stage one labor on the 20th just like clockwork but after a restless night, it became evident that she was in trouble so to the vet’s office we went.  We delivered two beautiful puppies; a perfect charcoal female and a rowdy silver male.  Unfortunately, we lost the female.

It has been an emotionally filled 48 hours.  Our hearts are saddening with Tula’s loss but as I sit here at her bedside and watch mama and her little fella curled up sleeping together, I am reminded that we are blessed to have the two of them.  Things could have been really, really bad…but they weren’t.

We have had our challenges establishing DuckCreek Silvers but we’re getting there.  To those of you who have followed our journey, thank you for your support.  If you have happened to stumble upon this site, I hope you have found it interesting and will consider “bookmarking” us to keep up with our progress.

For now, since the new family is fast asleep, I will take advantage of the quiet and take my own nap.  There has been very little sleep here at DuckCreek the past couple days…