Membership Application


MEMBERSHIP:                     New                        Renewal

  Individual                Couple (husband/wife)                  ⃝  Family *

Annual membership dues for current NRA Members:  Individual $50, Couple (both NRA Members) $65, Family (adults NRA Members) $85.

Annual membership dues for NON-NRA Members:  Individual $80, Couple $125, Family $140

Not an NRA member?  We can sign you up AND get you a $10 discount!  A simple click on the link at left side of page will get you started.

NAME (please print)  ____________________________________________________________________________

ADDRESS ___________________________________CITY/STATE______________________________________

EMAIL ADDRESS ____________________________________________PHONE____________________________

DATE OF BIRTH _____________________________________ 

EMERGENCY CONTACT _______________________________   EMERG. PHONE ____________________ 

QUESTIONS – CIRCLE ANSWER BELOW – If couple or family application, questions apply to everyone under membership.

1.      Have you been convicted in any court of a felony?                    YES     NO

2.      Is there any reason that you are prohibited by law to                                                     be around and/or possess any type of firearm?                          YES     NO

3.      Have you been subject to a court order restraining                                                          you from contact with another person?                                         YES     NO 

If applying for a Couple or Family membership, please list individually:

Spouse ______________________________________DOB____________

Dependent ________________________________ DOB ___________

Dependent ________________________________ DOB ___________

Dependent ________________________________ DOB ____________

*Family is defined as at least one parent and dependent children under the age of 18 that live at home or are full time students through age 25. 

My submission of this form implies that I have read and understand this application and have read and understand DuckCreek’s General Release Waiver, and Safety Guidelines & Rules of the Field.  I understand that DuckCreek has the right to limit membership and violation of any rules or false answers on this form could result in membership being terminated.  To the best of my knowledge, I have answered all questions truthfully.


Signature _______________________________________________  Date: ______________________



PHOTO ID TYPE  _________________________  CHECKED BY __________________________

NRA MEMBER # ______________________________ EXPIRATION DATE _________________

NRA MEMBER# _______________________________ EXPIRATION DATE ________________



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