Adult/Started Dogs for Sale


I have a “puppy” family that has reached out to me about possibly rehoming their 2 yr old (05.29.21) charcoal male. He is out of Raina & Rookie. This is a portion of our conversation regarding Jameson.

“I just wanted to let you know that we are going to try to rehome Jameson. He is great for our family alone but he has snapped at 2 other kids now and we have been trying for a long time to work with him on it but is still happening. We have cried alot thinking about getting rid of our kid but we also have twins on the way and that makes it harder for me to monitor him with other kids around.

Jameson listens well, loves to be loved on and play, is crate and house trained, and has shown a big interest in waterfowl. Definitely not something we want to do but we don’t want anything worse to happen to a kid or him because we do love him. I have not looked for a new home yet but am going to see if there is anyone out there that would be a good fit for him and I am super picky about who is going to get him.”

This is always a very difficult and touchy subject to approach and I ask for everyone’s compassion in this type of situation. If you are possibly interested in opening your heart to Jameson, please let me know by completing the online puppy application and indicating you are interested in him.