DuckCreek’s Smokin Kimber

Kimber’s second litter was born in September of 2015.  We anticipating breeding her one more time in the fall of 2016.  Kimber and Jack have produced big beautiful pups that are scattered from Oregon & California, Iowa to Texas & Alabama  and on over to Pennsylvania. Many of the pups went to hunting families who report they  have been excellent in the field and blind.  They have the coveted on/off switch and easily revert to well behaved family members.    Kimber’s Pedigree 

OFA HIP: Good       CNM: Clear       DM: Clear       EIC: Clear       PRA/PRCD: Carrier     CERTIFIED DNA: BdEEdd

puppies 9 20 2015 c A mommy moment…

Beautiful Kimber, May 2013

 Kimber is our 90 pound silver female from Wisconsin.  Shown here at 11 months of age.  


All the dogs raid the garden.  Favorites?  Tomatoes and Cantaloupes!