Adult/Started Dogs for Sale


I have a “puppy” family that has reached out to me about possibly rehoming their 3 yr old (09.09.20) silver male. This is an exerpt from the correspondence:

“We wanted to check in with you on any interest you may have from anyone looking for an adult dog. We love Bosco so much. He will be three in September. We’ve been struggling, wondering if we are being fair to him and our family. He is a giant goofball, amazing outside and in the car, but is incredibly anxious/restless inside the house and doesn’t realize how large he is. He’s well exercised and gets a lot of time with us as we work from home. He knocks over our 6 yr old regularly and we worry about how to happily engage and coexist him with our 9 month old as she’s beginning to move around and crawl. We just don’t want one of them to always have to be contained. We find ourselves putting him in his indoor kennel more because it’s too stressful with him and the kids/baby all together in the house. He really is great, loves water, other dogs, car rides, hiking, swimming…just not a “house dog”. Great with kids, but unaware of his size and will knock them over/step on them (never in a purposeful way – just running by them or turning around near them). He’s about 85-90 lb and will be three this fall. He has had great obedience training and he’s so gentle, but as his trainer says, he’s just a bull in a china shop. ”

This is always a very difficult and touchy subject to approach and I ask for everyone’s compassion in this type of situation. If you are possibly interested in opening your heart to Bosco, please let me know by completing the online puppy application and indicating you are interested in him.