Our Labs


MEET ROOKIE.  There is more info to be found on his page, DuckCreek’s Red Hot Rookie of the Year, and on facebook.  Click on the highlighted text to get to his page or the facebook icon to the left at the bottom of the menu options.

DUCKCREEK’S THUNDER & LIGHTENING RYDER OF SRAIN, “ZEUS” is our champagne male from Silver Rain Labradors. He has a beautiful blocky head and body with a thick otter tail and a heavy coat. AND, he was only about 16 months old when this photo was taken. Head on over to Zeus’ personal page and learn a bit more about this big teddy bear.

DUCKCREEK’S THIS LIL’ LIGHT OF MINE, LET HER SHINE, “Hope” is the daughter of our now retired Smokin Annie Oakley. We are very happy with how she has developed into a great Labrador. To visit her page, click HERE.

Meet DUCKCREEK’S ONE DAY AT A TIME “Faith”!  She is one of two  charcoal females we have here at DuckCreek.  Faith is clear by parentage of the PawPrint Essential & Supplimental Panels.  Learn more about Faith by clicking HERE to get to her page.

DUCKCREEK’S SMOKEY GIRL OF SILVER RAIN, “Raina” is our other charcoal girl. Raina is a very laid back girl. Her and Rookie are best friends. They have the most amazing puppies. We call the litters “Raibow” because they are all the Labrador colors except polar white.  Follow Raina on facebook by clicking the facebook icon to the left, at the bottom of the menu options or click HERE to view her page.