DuckCreek’s Smokin Annie Oakley

We chose Annie and Val because their parents were avid hunting dogs. We were sure surprised when we picked up our two sisters.  They were so small!  Annie weighed only 7.5 pounds and little Val was a meager 5.5 pounds at 8 weeks of age.  We had driven quite a distance to pick out the girls, the parents looked good, and I didn’t have the heart to back out looking at those two scared little pups.  We decided to give it a go.  They were put on our premium dog food (Life’s Abundance) and complementing supplements formulated by one of the top holistic veterinarians in the country, Dr. Jane Bicks,  and the lovin’ began.  These two girls flourished!  Annie is the more outgoing athletic dog of the two sisters.  Although she has never been hunting with us, she loves to retrieve on land and water and is a very well behaved dog.  She weighs in at 65 pounds.   Click on the medallion above to see Annie’s genetic testing reports. Other reports, click Annie’s Pedigree  or OFA Results .   

DNA CERTIFIED:  EEbbdd          


Isn’t she a beauty?

IMG_0580 (2)

Annie has never officially gone hunting with us but she loves to play the games.

Little Annie

What a tiny puppy she was…